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Welcome to the Website of the University High School Band Boosters, Morgantown, WV! Announcements from the director may be found below. Use the above menu to navigate the website.


University High School Band Boosters

131 Bakers Ridge Road, Morgantown, WV 26508

2018-2019 EVENT
(Updated 2018.08.05)

Office Assistant

Incoming Freshmen Frequently Asked Questions

Mark S. Palmer, director
Corey Orban, assistant director

Director's Comments

Itinerarty for AWAY Football Game vs. Parkersburg South on Friday, August 31:

(August 31 is a 2-hour early dismissal. Plans for the time between the end of school and our meal at 3:00 pm will be announced soon.)

Students will need to bring money for food at the concession stand during 3rd quarter break.

12:36 pm - Early dismissal
3:00 pm- Boosters serve students pizza
3:45 pm - Load trailer/board buses
4:15 pm - Depart UHS in travel uniforms
6:15 pm -
Arrive @ Erickson All-Sports Facility
7:00 pm - Kickoff
~10:00- 10:15 pm - Depart Erickson All-Sports Facility
~12:00-12:45 am - Arrive @ UHS

Arrival times following performances are ESTIMATES. We will do our best to arrive by the designated time, but circumstances may dictate that these times must be adjusted.

We will have students call rides when we are 30 minutes from UHS, and we will also send a REMIND message out to alert parents of our expected arrival time.

-MSP 2018.08.19 1:50 pm


Agreement forms were due July 25.

The band photos taken on July 30 are finished, but we cannot post them until ALL Agreement Forms (INCLUDING THOSE OF PARADE MARCHERS) are turned in. Once all forms are turned in, the photos will be posted and will be FREE to download.

Starting Tuesday, August 14, students will not be allowed to participate in rehearsals until they have turned in their signed Agreement Forms.

-MSP 2018.08.13 6:00 pm


2018 Marching Band Drill Animations:

1. Heartbreaker
2. Kashmir
3. Fool In the Rain
4. Stairway to Heaven

-MSP 2018.08.02 10:30 pm


The 2018-2019 UHS Band Handbook is now posted. In order to participate in the UHS Band, students must read the handbook and sign the Agreement Form.

There are always changes in band policy from year to year. Please make sure you understand how the band operates.

Agreement forms are due by Wednesday, July 25.

-MSP 2018.07.13 1:30 pm


IMPORTANT SCHEDULE CHANGE: The Back To School Bash will be held on Friday, August 17.

-MSP 2018.07.10 10:45 pm


PLEASE NOTE: We have moved the times of the Monday, July 30 rehearsal to 8:00 am till 12:00 pm to minimize conflicts with sports practices.

We will be taking our annual group photo that morning and will need all band members in attendance.

-MSP 2018.07.09 11:30 am


The UHS Band is excited to welcome Mr. Corey Orban as our new assistant director.

-MSP 2018.06.14 12:30 pm


Informational letters were sent out to all 2018-2019 band members on June 5. If you did not receive a letter, it is available HERE.

-MSP 2018.06.05 4:25 pm


Percussion and guard summer schedules have been posted on their respective pages. See the links at the top of this page.

-MSP 2018.06.05 4:25 pm


Concert Band Scale Sheets:

Concert Pitch Treble Clef
Concert Pitch Bass Clef
Bb Instruments
Eb Instruments
F Instruments

-MSP 2014.10.09 2:20 pm


The Value of Music Education

-MSP 2014.10.20 1:10 pm


The Band Boosters have the UHS Band Email set up.  The address is   To access the account, go to and click on gmail.

-MSP 2015.06.01 8:20 am


See previous director's comments by clicking here.

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