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Welcome to the Website of the University High School Band Boosters, Morgantown, WV! Announcements from the director may be found below. Use the above menu to navigate the website.


University High School Band Boosters

131 Bakers Ridge Road, Morgantown, WV 26508

2017-2018 EVENT CALENDAR UPDATED 2017.12.07

Office Assistant

Incoming Freshmen Frequently Asked Questions

Mark S. Palmer, director
Curtis E. Johnson, assistant director

Director's Comments


REMINDER: Nashville Deposit #3 is due Monday, January 8.

-MSP 2018.01.07 7:30 pm


Arctic Academy Assignments can be found in the Google Classrooms for Concert Band and Symphonic Winds.

Mr. Palmer is available for questions any time during school hours except 11:30-12:30.

-MSP 2018.01.03 10:30 am


Please make note of the recent changes to the Event Calendar.

Governors School Auditions are now digital, and will no longer be held at UHS, and the date of Solo and Ensemble was moved to January 27.

-MSP 2017.12.07 8:05 am


Nashville Chaperone Information

We will select chaperones for the 2018 Nashville Trip using the following criteria:

1. Parents of students with health-related issues that require constant supervision.
2. Medical professionals.
3. Parents who have chaperoned/volunteered during the current school year.
4. All chaperones must have background checks approved by the Monongalia County BOE.

Chaperones do NOT have to pay on the same schedule as students. We will wait until we have determined who will be chaperoning before collecting money.

Chaperones will receive a $50.00 volunteer credit in addition to the $29.00 subsidy students receive.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT CHAPERONES PLAY A VERY IMPORTANT ROLE ON LONGER TRIPS. There are many more duties involved than on a typical bus trip.

While we will provide an updated duty list as we get closer to the actual trip, HERE is the list of Chaperone Information and Duties from the last time we traveled to Nashville in 2014.

-MSP 2017.11.07 12:15 pm


Click HERE for information about the 2018 Nashville Trip.

-MSP 2017.10.04 8:00 am


Concert Band Scale Sheets:

Concert Pitch Treble Clef
Concert Pitch Bass Clef
Bb Instruments
Eb Instruments
F Instruments

-MSP 2014.10.09 2:20 pm


The Value of Music Education

-MSP 2014.10.20 1:10 pm


The Band Boosters have the UHS Band Email set up.  The address is   To access the account, go to and click on gmail.

-MSP 2015.06.01 8:20 am


See previous director's comments by clicking here.

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