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Welcome to the Website of the University High School Band Boosters, Morgantown, WV! Announcements from the director may be found below. Use the above menu to navigate the website.


UHS Band Alumni

Where are you Now? We at UHS would like to know. Email us with your name, class year, and the instrument that you played at UHS. We cannot wait to hear from you! Join the many other Hawk Alums listed below by e-mailing Mr.Palmer.





Instrument Played Email Address
Straight, Margurite Henry 1937 Clarinet/Bass Drum none
Goodwin, Wilma Staggs 1949 Clarinet/Majorette
Eisentrout, Ed 1952 Eb Sousaphone none
Adams, Clinton 1955 Trumpet
Robison, Harold 1955 Bassoon 
Galloway, Delphia Ann 1956 Oboe/Clarinet/Cymbals
Penzes, Robert 1957 Percussion
Wright, Lenora 1958 Saxophone
Hungate, Carol Galloway 1962 Trumpet/Majorette
Ziehm, Brenda Trader 1968 Saxophone/French Horn
Feather, Lynn Reed 1969 Flute
Name Year Instrument Played Email Address
Jones, Brenda J. 1970 Clarinet
Sanders, Diana Hamilton 1970 Clarinet/Bass Clarinet
Stockett, Vicki Rose 1973 Flute none
Williams, John 1973 Trumpet
Padon, Pam Corley 1974 Clarinet/Oboe, Feature Twirler
Nicholson, Donna 1976 Flute and Majorette
Adams, Michael 1978 Trumpet
Atkins, Linda Bolyard 1978 Trumpet
Colebank, Richard 1978 Percussion
Phillips, Betty Hodge 1978 Clarinet
Whetzel, Valerie J. 1978 Alto Sax
Colebank, Marsha Rose 1979 Flute
Name Year Instrument Played Email Address
Litton, Alyson Adams 1980 Saxophone
Rotruck, Robin Dawson 1981 Clarinet and Cymbals
Malcomson, Dianna 1981 Flute/Drum Major
Kincaid, Kevin 1983 Trumpet/Baritone
Tennant, Jacob W. 1984 Trumpet
George, Kim Casino 1986 Saxophone
Myers, Julie Tennant 1986 Trumpet
Obrad, Theresa Penzes 1986 Flute/Majorette
Deusenberry, Chris 1987 Trumpet
Nicholson, Christi May 1987 French Horn/Field Commander
Boyers, Michelle (Kent) 1988 Flute/Majorette
Brake, Don 1988 Trumpet FMOnAirBrake@AOL.Com
Booth, Amy (Keener) 1989 Trumpet
Debari, Sheri (Kirchmar) 1989 Clarinet/Head Majorette
Deusenberry, Greg 1989 Sax
Mays, Tracy Ziehm 1989 Flute
McMorris, Mary Yandura 1989 Trumpet
Name Year Instrument Played Email Address
Mattern, Scott 1990 Tenor Sax/Field Commander
Ziehm, Jay 1991 Trumpet
Kirby, Jennifer 1992 French Horn
Maxon, Ronda L. 1992 Tenor Saxophone
Amos, Rachel 1993 Flute/Piccolo
Everly, Erin 1994 French Horn and Trumpet
Gutta, Celissa L. 1995 Saxophone
Penzes, Suzee 1996 Percussion
Henry, Beth 1997 Baritone
Blosser, AJ 1998 Percussion
Mayle, Elliott 1998 Trombone
Mayle, Jessica Prickett 1998 Field Commander/Flute/Piccolo
Moore, James 1998 Trumpet
Householder, Michael II 1999 Saxophone
Chenoweth, April White 1999 Percussion
Foxx, Jason 1999 Percussion
McNeil, Michelle Householder 1999 Flute & Colorguard 
Staggs, Alison Malvito 1999 Tuba
Staggs Jr., Terry 1999 Tuba
Name Year Instrument Played Email Address
Bowers, Emily 2000 Clarinet & Color Guard
Morris, Beth Loucks 2000 Pit Percussion
Prickett, Justin 2000 Trumpet
Swan, Kelly 2000 Flute and Color Guard
Spencer, William J. 2000 Trumpet
Zuccari, Nicole 2000 Clarinet
Moore, Ashley 2001 Clarinet/Bass Clarinet
Gorham, Nate 2002 Tuba/Percussion
Prickett, Janine 2002 Clarinet/Saxophone
Shatzer, Mark 2003 Trumpet/Baritone
Dement, Rob 2004 Percussion
Cleveland, Will 2005 Trumpet
Schell, Dominique (Nikki) 2006 Alto Sax/Guard
Stimmell, Amy 2006 Flute/Guard


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