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Welcome to the Website of the University High School Band Boosters, Morgantown, WV! Announcements from the director may be found below. Use the above menu to navigate the website.


University High School Band Boosters

131 Bakers Ridge Road, Morgantown, WV 26508

2018-2019 EVENT
(Updated 2018.09.28)

Office Assistant

Incoming Freshmen Frequently Asked Questions

Mark S. Palmer, director
Corey Orban, assistant director

Director's Comments

OVAC Showcase of Bands Itinerary

Saturday, October 20

12:30 pm - Arrive @ UHS in travel uniforms
12:45 pm - Rehearse
1:15 pm - Load trailer/Board buses
1:45 pm - Depart UHS
3:15 pm - Stop at Highlands Shopping Plaza in Wheeling for dinner (bring money)
4:15 pm - Depart Highlands
4:45 pm - Arrive @ Martins Ferry Stadium
5:15 pm - Unload trailer
5:45 pm - Warmup
6:18 pm - Perform
~6:45 pm - Mass Band Performance
~7:00 pm - Board buses
~7:15 pm - Depart Martins Ferry Stadium
~9:00-9:15 pm - Arrive @ UHS

Directions to Martins Ferry Stadium:

-I-79 NORTH to I-70
-I-70 WEST to Elm Grove (Wheeling)
-At Elm Grove, stay on I-70 (the right lanes...DO NOT take I-470)
-Travel through the Wheeling Tunnel, past the downtown Wheeling exit and Wheeling Island Exit
-Exit from I-70 at the Bridgeport, OH, exit and turn RIGHT
-After about 1/2 mile, turn LEFT onto Ohio Route 7 NORTH to Martins Ferry
-Once in Martins Ferry, turn RIGHT at Hanover Street then LEFT at N. 1st Street
-HERE are the directions the buses will follow to get to the stadium, and HERE is a stadium map to help you find parking

-MSP 2018.10.13 10:30 am


Links to stories about this year's Showcase of Bands:


-MSP 2018.10.02 7:00 pm


The Fifth Annual University Showcase of Bands was again a tremendous success.

to all who worked so hard to make this event happen:

1. UHS Band Boosters
2. UHS Band students and staff
3. Visiting bands directors and staff
4. The UHS administration and athletic department
5. Patrons who support the UHS Band program

-MSP 2018.10.2 6:00 am


Dr. Mel Wright's 2018 UHS Band photos can be found HERE.

Dr. Wright's photos are FREE for download.

-MSP 2018.09.16 11:40 am


All students and parents are invited to sign up for UHS Band alerts on the Remind app.

Instructions can be found HERE.

-MSP 2018.08.22 2:30 pm


2018 Marching Band Drill Animations:

1. Heartbreaker
2. Kashmir
3. Fool In the Rain
4. Stairway to Heaven

-MSP 2018.08.02 10:30 pm


Concert Band Scale Sheets:

Concert Pitch Treble Clef
Concert Pitch Bass Clef
Bb Instruments
Eb Instruments
F Instruments

-MSP 2014.10.09 2:20 pm


The Value of Music Education

-MSP 2014.10.20 1:10 pm


The Band Boosters have the UHS Band Email set up.  The address is   To access the account, go to and click on gmail.

-MSP 2015.06.01 8:20 am


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